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The Mole Hill Destroyer: Spring and fall grooming. Landscaping and yard maintenance. Product line-up. Installation.

GROOMING: Burrowing critters destroy hayfields and damage equipment.

The Destroyer delivers results: 1st pass on an unleveled field.

After 2nd pass, level field can be maintained with regular grooming.

Soil from leveled molehills is spread evenly across a groomed field.

Groomed fields rebound quickly with vigorous new growth.

The Destroyer on a typical harrow packer bar, ready to roll.

The Destroyer in action: leveling even the roughest fields.

Molehills meet their match, the Destroyer's hardened-steel front cutting edge.

Smooth operation: the remains of molehills behind the Destroyer.

Groomed and ready to grow: a hayfield behind the Destroyer.

Destroyer units up to 70 feet wide make quick work of big acreage.

Spreading molehills and manure, the Destroyer is the rancher's number one choice!

After grooming: molehill soil and manure is evenly spread.

Loose, nutrient-rich mulch is available to promote new growth.

Only the mole holes remain on groomed pasture and hay land.

Spring grooming can be done even when grass is 6 to 10 inches tall.

Spring leveling speeds up summer haying, cuts equipment repairs.

The Destroyer spreads manure left at winter feeding sites in pasture land.

Spring grooming with the Destroyer pulverizes old, dead growth.

Molehill soil and winter manure is distributed to young plants.

With molehills and old growth destroyed, the new crop thrives.

Grooming produces hay bales with less dirt and higher protein content.

Fall grooming destroys molehills before winter hardens them.

After fall grooming, fields are smooth, ready for spring growth.

LANDSCAPING: the Three-Point Hitch unit far landscaping and yard maintenance.

Fresh gravel is easily spread across driveways and parking spots.

The Destroyer makes quick work of levelling a driveway.

A rough parking area gets a smooth new finish.

Maintaining hay yards is quick and simple.

The Destroyer manoeuvers easily between bales.

Molehills and winter manure piles disappear from corrals and arenas.

Well-groomed paddocks help reduce equipment damage.

The Three-Point-Hitch unit makes a big difference in small fields and irrigated plots.

From back quarter to front yard, the Destroyer is outstanding in its field!

PRODUCTS: The Series IV Jumbo mounted on a three-point hitch.

Jumbo kits are available for a range of harrow packer bars.

The Destroyer works beautifully with liquid fertilizer caddies.

Used with a Valmar seeder, the Destroyer improves germination.

INSTALLATION: Step 1–remove packers, move harrows back.

Step 2–install hardware and gussets.

Step 3–lift drags into place and bolt to the packer bar.

Installation complete: a harrow packer bar with Destroyer drags.

Installation complete: the packer bar in transport mode.

Heading for the (mole) hills: the Mole Hill Destroyer takes to the road.