Why not offer your customers the benefits of the Mole HIll Destroyer?
The Destroyer is the ranchers' number one choice. There's nothing like it to promote healthy hay fields, speed up haying and reduce equipment repairs.

Series III Jumbo and the Series IV Jumbo Kits.
Kits for two fully hydraulic, auto-fold models are available. Both come with adjustable, hardened steel front cutting edges and shoes.

  • The Series III Jumbo can be mounted on Inland, Flexicoil, Blanchard, Riteway and Morris Harrow Packer Bars, on Degelman Heavy Harrows and on some land rollers. 
  • The Series IV Jumbo can be mounted on any of the above, except the Morris Harrow Packer Bars.

Three-point Hitch Series IV Jumbo

Economical 10 or 12 foot implements that can be hitched to any tractor with a three point hitch. Ideal for grooming irrigated plots, and maintaining hay yards, paddocks and corrals, it's also perfect for doing landscaping projects, and levelling gravel driveways and parking spaces.

Morris Axle Kit

Our Morris Axle Kit lets customers replace the fixed transport wheel on a Morris Harrow Packer Bar with a slide-in-slide-out axle that makes it quick and easy to clear objects from the drags while they're leveling.

If you are interested in carrying the Mole Hill Destroyer, contact us.